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Warranty Terms

All our refurbished chairs are backed with a 2 year warranty unless stated otherwise. Unrefurbished chairs and products do not have any warranties provided by Aeron International. Outside of the 2 year period, products arent elegible for repair or replacement free of charge. Products that develop faults during the suggested warranty period are to be either repaired or replaced at no cost. The decision as to how to proceed ( repair or replacement ) is at the disgretion of Aeron International. Replacement products are to be the same as originally ordered. Repairs dont include a full refurbishment, repairs include the fault or faults to be fixed. Repairs will either require the chair to be sent back and repaired or if available at Aeron International's disgretion, a technician to be sent out and the chair to be fixed onsite. If chairs are to be returned, chairs will either be required to be brought back to the customer, or return transit to be arranged by Aeron International at no cost to the buyer. 

Warranties provided by Aeron International are non transferable and only apply to the original customer / recipient. In some instances, warranty claims can be denied or voided. Internal alterations or dissasembly of the product purchased by the customer or a third party will lead to any warranties provided to be voided. Alterations & dissasembly include the replacing of internal mechanical components, Dissasembly of the product, replacing & alteration of any components that effect the function and usability of the product.

Upon a claim being made, the buyer has 30 days to bring the chair back or to make arrangements with Aeron International to arrange transit for the product to be sent back.

Warranties provided by the manufacturer that originally produced the product sold arent applicable if the item is not advertised as new by Aeron International. 

Replacement goods provided by Aeron International in response to a warranty claim do not recieve an additional 2 year warranty but are covered by however long is remaining on the original warranty provided and is therefore subject to the same terms as stated above.

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