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Terms & Conditions 

Our website address is:

These terms describe the Terms of Service Conditions of Sale for Aeron International




Our products catalogue and the (Aeron International) website is an offer to browse and view only. All purchases and sales contracts shall consist of the buyers order and the seller’s (Aeron International) acceptance thereof. All purchases and sales accepted by the seller (Aeron International) will be subject to the seller’s (Aeron International) terms and conditions of sale/purchase and no other terms and conditions will apply unless agreed & confirmed in writing by the seller (Aeron International).




Our Preferred method of payment includes; Debit/Credit Card, Paypal or payments through a third party including but not limited too Apple Pay. 



We offer delivery throughout England, Scotland , Wales, Northern Ireland & Ireland in the UK including the scottish highlands. Orders for chairs take from 1 - 3 working days to fulfill with Delivery normally taking 1 - 2 working days after dispatch to arrive. Delivery dates aren't guranteed and can be subject to delays within the providers network. International shipments are subject to additional import & VAT charges. Charges are based upon the value of the shipment, cost of shipping, nature of goods and the regulations of the country of import. Seller (Aeron International) isn't liable to these additional charges. Failure to pay said import charges will lead to the parcel being returned to sender (Aeron International) and buyers will be required to pay any outstanding charges associated with said failure. International shipment times vary based upon the importing country, carrier, method of transport and customs clearence. Delivery dates for international shipments arent guranteed and can be subject to delays as a result of external delays in carrier network, weather conditions, customs clearence, delayed import duty payments, and other external events. The exporter (Aeron International) is not required to issue compensation in return for late or delayed deliveries. Whether compensation is to be made to the reciever is at the discretion of the sender (Aeron International)




If products arrive damaged or defective, reciepient will need to contact the sender (Aeron International) within 14 days of delivery. Claims will need to be made via email or contact form including a description of the defect as well as the recipients name, order number. Recipient must retain the original packaging the chair was sent in and repackage the chair (if required to) in the same format as described and shown by the seller ( Aeron International ) or in the returns manual provided by the sender (Aeron International) Return delivery is to be arranged and paid by the sender (Aeron International) and recipients must agree a date for collection ( if required ) within 14 days of the claim being issued. Refunds will be issued within 5 working days from the product arriving back to the sender. Refunds to be issued to the customers original payment method. Resolutions for damage include partial refund, return and refund, return and replacement. Resolutions are to be agreed between buyers and the seller (Aeron International)



Cancellations requests must be made within 4 hours of ordering to be considered. Cancellation requests are to be considered by the seller (Aeron International) and may not be accepted.




All contracts to which these Terms and Conditions apply will be governed by the Uk’s and European trading Law


By purchasing from us you accept that:


  • You will make full payment of all issued invoices.

  • You understood and accepted the terms and conditions mentioned above.

  • Our Terms and Conditions page will be updated all times.

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