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  • Why is VAT not mentioned in the price
    Most of our Refurbished & Used chairs are sold under the VAT Margin Scheme for Second Hand Goods. Therefore VAT is not shown with the price and will not need to be added to the price shown. VAT registered customers will not be able to re-claim VAT on these chairs. At times we may have some stock that would be eligible for VAT to be re-claimed. Please contact us to discuss further
  • What does the refurbishment process involve
    The refurbishment process is different for each type of chair - however, generally, our refurbishment involves the following + The mechanism being cleaned down and the components being re-lubricated + Chair is stripped down, fully cleaned and resprayed using factory matching paint + Commonly worn-out parts replaced including the gas cylinder, lumbar pad ( where applicable ), seat foam, arm pads
  • What's the difference between a Mark 1 and a Mark 2 chair?
    The main difference is the Mark 1 (produced between 1994 and 2004) has a knurled wheel for adjusting the arm height, the Mark 2 (2004 to 2018) has a lever.
  • How do I adjust the chair?
    Refer to our operations page on how to use all the functions on an Aeron
  • Do you provide a warranty?
    Yes, All our refurbished Aerons come with an industry leading 2 year warranty that covers you in the event a fault was to develop on your chair. For more info see our warranty policy
  • How does delivery work?
    Aeron International is a UK based company. Chairs shipping inside the UK are all fulfilled via DPD Next Day with live tracking available on delivery day. Chairs shipping outside of the UK maybe partially or fully fulfilled by DPD or handed over to a domestic carrier in the country of destination. Select countries shipping is fullfilled via DHL or UPS. For specific shipping information add a product to basket and the shipping information for your country is generated. Note for customers importing chairs from outside of the UK import Duties are Applicable. See the FAQ on import duties for more info Headrests & Replacement seats are shipped Via DPD in the UK, headrests are shipped via other carriers outside of UK. Other parts arent available for international delivery currently
  • What countries do you ship to?
    We're always adding new countries to our shipping list. Your country not listed? Get in touch Currently we ship to the following countries United Kingdom - England - Scotland - Wales - Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland Denmark Norway Sweden Croatia Germany Belgium Spain France Finalnd Slovenia Netherlands Austria Czech Republic Poland Bulgaria Switzerland Italy Estonia Portugal Lithuania Sweden Guernsey
  • How much are the import duties?
    Aeron International is a UK based company. This means exporting outside of the UK - products are subject to import duties / import VAT to the country your importing into. The import duties & taxes due will depend on the country of import, & value of the shipment. To get an estimate use the following and use HS Code 9403 1051 ​
  • Have another question?
    Send us a message and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible. Click to contact
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