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What does the refurbishment process involve

The refurbishment process is different for each type of chair - however generally our refurbishment involves the following
+ The mechansim being cleaned down and the components being re-lubricated
+ Chair is stripped down, fuly cleaned and resprayed using factory matching paint
+ Commonly worn out parts replaced including the, gas cylinder, lumbar pad ( where applicable ), seat foam, arm pads

How do I adjust the chair?
Refer to our operations page on how to use all the functions on an Aeron 
Do you provide a warranty?
Yes, All our refurbished Aerons come with an industry leading  2 year warranty that covers you in the event a fault was to develop on your chair. For more info see our warranty policy

How much are the import duties?

The import duties & taxes due will depend on the country of import, value of the shipment. To get an estimate use the following tool & use HS Code 9403 1051

For EU customers we can reduce the list price by the amount of VAT we would be liable for if a UK sale. This may or may not be the full 20% though. Please contact us to discuss further. 


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