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Our Refurbishment Process

We pride ourselves in creating the best quality refurbished Aeron chairs on sale today, with our many years of experience and dedication to quality - our chairs are given a new lease of life.

Aeron International

Refurbished - Made to look new again by work such as painting, cleaning, repairing.

When it comes to office furniture, refurbished can mean many different things, it can be as simple as cleaning or respraying a chair or can be more involved. Our mission is to keep used office chairs in circulation as long as possible, to reduce the enviromental impacts of creating new furniture. Therefore in order to do that, we refurbish and rebuild our chairs from the ground up to not just restore the exterior but also to ensure the mechanics and the individual components that make up their mechanisms, are un compromised and fit for purpose. This greatly reduces the chance of failure or faults during the chairs lifespan - this is especially important when the chairs can be up to 20 years old before being refurbished and serviced.

What does Refurbished mean?

For Aerons Classic & Mk2

Framework: Cleaned & Resprayed using factory matching paint

Mesh: Cleaned and sanatised - Mesh is then tightened & Adjusted to factory specification, Seat foam replaced

Arms: Arm mechanisms are tightened to remove any wobbles, mechanisms lubricated, arm pads replaced

Mechanism: Mechanism serviced & Lubricated, Gas cylinder replaced

Hardware: Bolts are lubricated, Inspected for signs of cracks & replaced where required

Add Ons: Lumbar pads replaced, Posturefit fit kit foams replaced, Casters replaced

What is involved in
our refurbishment

Aeron International
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